Thursday, March 12, 2009

What is an ear fix?

This is a question that we field all the time so I decided to take a moment here to clear it up. Sometimes when a horse goes over a fence his ears are discombobulated (all over the place, one left one right, pinned back, anything but pricked forward) With an ear fix we can change that. We rotate the ears forward to a more appealing position. While one the subject of ear fixes.. We also

  1. Do eye fixes (on horses) this is when its a great shot but his eye is closed. We can open his eye. This is the same cost as an ear fix. If you see a photo that you like but it needs an eye fix. You an select the photo with the ear fix option and in the comment section tell us you need an eye fix not an ear fix. If you need and eye fix and and ear fix .. choose ear fix and then be aware that we will be calling you for additional charge of 10.00 for the eye fix.
  2. DO NOT fix knees, feet, legs, or add poles. At some point a horse has his eyes open and ears forward. THIS IS THE ONLY CONFORMATION THAT WE ALTER.

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