Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Don't think copyright theft is an issue?


I have temporarily removed the photos. The mother of this individual reached out to me. I am a lot of things but a bully is not one of them. The mother promised me certain things would happen. If those things happen the photos will stay gone. If they do not they will return. Thank you all for seeing that this is an issue for us (photographers) if the education that what they did is wrong comes from this.. Well then mission accomplished. The comments that you all have left I have hidden and any that you leave will still be there.. just unseen at the moment.. Time will tell if the photos and the comments come back. Again thank you.

For those of you that think copyright theft is not an issue for us .. thought you might like to reevaluate that position after seeing just an example of what we get to deal with. The Set Up.

You see three photos .. one says copyright shawn mcmillen photography.. this is how the proof appears on our site.

the second photo you see is after someone has STOLEN the photo from our site and spent a considerable amount of time to remove the copyright stamp that was across the PROOF PHOTO.

the 3rd is a screen campture of the the blatant disrespect and mockery of what we do.

Makes you want to go out there and really bust hump and do a really good job and take great photos so you can be stolen from and mocked...

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  1. People will go very low to get a photo of their horse. What are they- to cheap to BUY it ??